Biodensity Bone Health

A Non-Pharmaceutical Option for Bone Health and Strength

Bone Mass DensityThe National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) research indicates mechanical loading, of forces multiples beyond bodyweight, increases bone density . The bioDensity™ device facilitates this level of loading. User-volunteered, unsolicited patient DXA Scans have shown an average 4.5% bone mass gain for individuals in the program for 3 years

Osteoporotic Bone

Normal Bone

Muscular DensitySignificant muscular strength gains can be seen from just a single optimal biomechanical load exposure, bioDensity™ makes this possible. This increases your power-to-weight ratio and raises your metabolism

Safe and EectiveThe bioDensity™ Device uses four precise, safe, load exposures to stimulate all major muscle groups and skeletal structure of the body. Since all loads are self applied, your comfort regulates safety and reliability.

The U.S. Surgeon General states, maximal loading has been shown to increase bone mass density which reverses the process of osteoporosis . bioDensity™ makes possible a self-induced neuromusculoskeletal maximal loading stimulus. This stimulus also creates myofibril muscular growth for a higher power-to-weight ratio in muscular tissue, and faster metabolism. From high-performance athletes to compromised, elderly individuals, all can greatly benefit from stronger bone tissue and increased muscular strength.

Immediate, Understandable Performance Feedback bioDensity™ has the unique ability to motivate you and provide physical benefits. The self-induced load provides numerous health benefits in a safe and effective environment, while the Performance Report encourages your return again and again!

Optimal BiomechanicsBy generating load in only the optimal biomechanical position, users stimulate a greateramount of muscular tissue than with conventional exercise , as well as safely apply greater loads on the skeletal system.

Vertical Lift

Chest Press

Core Pull

Leg Press



Muscular stimulation in optimal biomechanical ranges for bone health and muscular strength

All loads are self-applied and therefore within your own comfort zone.

One session includes four brief load exposures. Totaling less than 5 minutes, one time per week.

No need to change your clothes.

Provides a report of your performance improvement.

Central, offsite, server managed so your facility won’t lose your performance data.

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