Nautilus T916 Commercial Series Treadmill

Soothing-blue, high resolution custom backlit LCD and professionally-designed training workout programs

Workout Programs:
5 minute demo, treadmill workout, custom workouts, random play, manual, fat burn, calorie burner, calorie goal, distance goal, Nautilus Fitness Test, Firefighter Fitness Test, Military Fitness Test and custom intervals, speed and/or incline controlled, constant and interval programs, contact sensors and wireless telemetry heart rate monitoring

Shown with optional Entertainment Screen

Front transport wheels

The Nautilus® T916 commercial treadmill is more than industrial grade. It is industrial A+. Made with 13-gauge steel, the T916 has a weight capacity of 650 pounds and is built to last…and last…and last.
Nautilus®’ legendary technology features the 3rd generation, Quinton Hyperdrive™ System, as well as the patented REACT™deck-suspension system that is quite possibly the best running surface on the planet. This unique deck adapts to your member’s unique body and reduces impact on key joints for walkers and runners alike
The third-generation 4.8 AC Hyperdrive system backed by Quinton delivers extraordinary torque to the belt, resulting in a longer lasting belt and deck, more accurate speed control and smooth, fluid motion

Nautilus® T916 Commercial Series Treadmill

Nautilus® Treadmill Features :

600 pound capacity to 4 mph

63” bed length, 22” belt width…the longest effective working area of any treadmill today!

5-12 mph, 0-15% elevation · No maintenance, triple-flex patented shock absorbing deck · Ergo bar control pod for quick changes

Heart rate sensors and wireless telemetry

Extended rails standard

Similar cardio console on all cardio units for ease of use

Optional integrated LCD entertainment screens or Netpulse™

88” L x 35” W, Machine Weight: 370 lbs. · Frame/Motor: 15 years, Parts: 3 years, Wear items/Labor: 1 year