HUMAC 360 Function Series Accessories

HUMAC360 & HUMAC Balance
Function Series Accessories

The HUMAC360 by CSMI is a visual feedback device. When used in conjunction with the SCIFIT Function C3, this unit allows the user to slow down the pace of the movement, increasing quality and thus reducing the load on the individual, producing a higher quality of work with less resistance. Integrating the HUMAC 360 with the Function C3 expands the treatment capabilities for clinicians and coaches and provides documentation to track improvement.
The HUMAC 360 attaches to the user or Function C3 and measures velocity and distance, which are displayed on the viewing screen. The real time biofeedback shows pacing and range of motion limits and engages the user for increased compliance and motivation, and safe, controlled movements.

HUMAC Balance System

While the HUMAC Balance plate looks like a typical gaming board, this one provides clinical grade accuracy. The HUMAC Balance System is ideal for patients with neurologic or vestibular disorders working on balance and fall prevention. Orthopedic patients focusing on weight shifts and loads will also benefit with the visual feedback screen indicating weight distribution in all directions. The Balance System works well with the Compound Trunk Extension or it can be used by itself.
The HUMAC Balance System features several measurement tests (CTSIB, Limits of Stability and Weight Bearing) training protocols and games, making it one of the most comprehensive vestibular balance systems in the industry.