Function C3 Function Series

Function C3
Function Series

The SCIFIT Function C3 provides 3 compound movements commonly used in rehabilitation, exercise and sports training. These movements are:
• Terminal Knee Extension
• Compound Core Flexion
• Compound Trunk Extension
These movements along with some prehabilitation movements are performed on the solid steel base of the sturdy Function C3 with our patented Bio-Flex™ foot beds. The Function C3 provides multi-plane resistance to emphasize these movements and maximize the benefits for the patient and the prehabilitation athlete. The slow, controlled movements provide a better quality of work at a lower level of resistance for safer exercise and better results.
SCIFIT has teamed with Lifeline USA to provide the most consistent and durable resistance tubes available. Three easily adjustable resistance tubes provide 7 levels of resistance, perfect for rehabilitation or sports training environment.
*available in the USA and select markets


Terminal Knee Extension

The TKE is a subtle movement with the dominant pattern in the transverse plane, which is normal with any terminal knee extension movement. However, the C3 is unique in how it also introduces load in the sagittal plane. Unlike a leg extension exercise (open chain) movement, the C3’s TKE is a closed chain movement, which reduces strain on the knee. This multi-plane resistance increases vastus medialis oblique (VMO) muscle strength and firing speed, improves patellar tracking and joint stability as well as decreases the Q angle in a controlled manner.
• Ideal exercise for post surgery ACL injuries, knee replacements, capsulitis, bursitis, and athletes who perform lateral and explosive movements.
• Introduces resistance in the sagittal plane.
• The multi-plane resistance increases Vastus Medialias Oblique (VMO) muscle strength and firing speed.
• Improves patellar tracking and joint stability as well as decreasing the Q angle. Can perform with one leg, both legs, or alternate.

Compound Core Flexion

Whole core health is the focus with this movement. This movement contributes to total core/spine stability and health.
• Ideal for hip and back patients and athletes who emphasize rotational movements.
• Introduces resistance in the transverse plane by pulling hips forward and pushing hips back through the movement, which displaces the load and alleviates stress on the spinal erectors.
• Effective treatment for reciprocal muscle inhibition and other musculoskeletal abnormalities.

Compound Trunk Extension

Multi-plane resistance is a key component of the compound trunk extension, which makes it a safe and effective replacement exercise for the stiff legged dead lift.
• Ideal exercise for hip and back patients.
• Athletes benefit from this exercise for ACL prevention as it complements knee balance musculature.
• Multi-plane resistance is the key component in making this a safe and effective replacement for the stiff-legged dead lift.
• The load is displaced when the hips are pulled back, maintaining a neutral combined center of gravity (CCOG) and reducing shear in the lumbosacral region.
• Hip, gluteal and hamstring muscle recruitment.


Prehabilitation is used to help prevent injuries from sports, work, recreation and daily living. Prehab strengthens and conditions vulnerable or injury-prone areas to help prevent injury, addressing tightness of muscle groups, imbalances of strength and muscle stabilization.
• Pre-surgery prehab results in quicker recovery and shorter rehabilitation times.
• In sports performance, targets common injuries and strength imbalances that occur in athletics.