Nautilus Freedom Trainer

Nautilus® Freedom Trainer Features:

For years, the Nautilus® Freedom Trainer has been the most popular, functional exercise machine on the market! Here’s why:

• Improves strength in integrated movements that imitate specific activities-either sports-related or the movements that make up daily life. Versatility allows for an infinite number of exercises

• The arms adjust in a horizontal and vertical plane and are counterbalanced for ease of adjustment
• Visually-affirmed, positive locking vertical adjustments provide an additional measure of safety
• Fewer pulleys than other machines and no springs for smoother operation
• Dual pulley head design makes for better cable tracking
• Fully-enclosed weight stacks minimize maintenance and enhance safety
• Arms rotate out to 180%
• Exercises can be performed standing, seated or in a supine or prone position with the use of a ball, bench or seated chair (optional benches available)

• ADA Compliant. Wheelchair accessible, horizontal plane adjustment