ErgoStyle ES2000 Elevation, Adjusting Table

ErgoStyle ES2000 Elevation, Adjusting Table

The ES2000 changes how all adjusting table are viewed. Its modular design allows for quick modifications and upgrades in the field. Upgrades can be added later as your techniques and practice grow.

Standard Features

• Electric Elevation from 20” to 32” (51cm – 81cm) in 10 seconds with single foot control and expanding covers over lifting mechanism

• Tilting headpiece with fixed face cushions

• 22” (56 cm) width seamless cushions with multi-density foam

• Paper Roll Holder and Cutter

• Extending Ankle Rest

• Powder coated paint

• Available in choice of standard colors

Optional Features

• Upgrade to Auto-Cocking Simple selector switches allow choice of one, two or three drops in any combination for repeated use. With a simple press of the foot control, the table is cocked and ready for use.*Please note: When upgrading to Auto-Cocking, all three drops (thoracic, lumbar and pelvic) must be purchased together. Auto-Cocking on a single drop is not available.

• Patented modular Accelerator™ II manual and Auto-Cocking drop design provides faster acceleration with increased tension and future upgradeability (Patent # 6,679,905)

• Break-away elevating chest with infinite locking capability and single or dual side control assures proper patient “fit”

• Choice of 4 headpiece model upgrades from basic tilting to full drops, all with adjustable face cushions

• Optional Drops with bilateral controls

Headpiece Options

ES95000 – Tilt, Fixed Face Cushions

ES95001 – Tilt, Adjustable Face Cushions

ES95002 – Tilt, Forward Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions

ES95003 – Tilt, Elevation, Adjustable Face Cushions

ES95004 – Tilt, Elevation, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions

Table Options

ES95005 – Breakaway/Elevating Chest

ES95006 – Accelerator™ II Thoracic Drop

ES95007 – Accelerator™ II Lumbar Drop

ES95008 – Accelerator™ II Pelvic Drop

ES95009 – Elevating Pelvic Section